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    Positional qualifier.

    Specifies that an output file is to be produced and optionally
    names it. If you specify the /OUTPUT qualifier without a file
    specification, or if you omit the qualifier, the directory and
    file name default to that of the DSR file. If you specify the
    /NOOUTPUT qualifier, no output file is produced. The output file
    type depends on the input file type. The default input file type
    is .RNO and the default output file type is .MEM.

    The file type defaults to one of the following:

    Output   Input
    File     file

    .BLB     .RNB
    .CCO     .RNC
    .DOC     .RND
    .ERR     .RNE
    .HLP     .RNH
    .LNI     .RNO with /DEVICE set to LN01, LN01E, or LN03
    .MAN     .RNM
    .MEC     .RNT
    .MEM     .RNO with no /DEVICE qualifier specification
    .MEX     .RNX
    .OPR     .RNP
    .PLM     .RNL
    .STD     .RNS

    For a complete list of input file types and the associated output
    file types, see the OpenVMS DIGITAL Standard Runoff Reference

    To change the name of the output file, supply a file
    specification for the value filespec.

    The /OUTPUT=SYS$OUTPUT qualifier causes output to be sent to
    the terminal rather than to a disk file. You can use the value
    SYS$OUTPUT when you are logged in to a hardcopy terminal device
    that uses a daisy wheel.

    The /NOOUTPUT qualifier suppresses the creation of an output
    file. Using the /NOOUTPUT qualifier with the /INTERMEDIATE
    qualifier causes DSR to produce only an intermediate .BRN file
    and not a formatted output file.

    You can also use the /NOOUTPUT qualifier to check an input file
    for errors without using system resources to generate a formatted
    output file.
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